Rob's Favorite Lyrics

"``The bigger they are, the harder they fall,''
Do you really want to fall at all?"
--Jesus Jones, "Two and Two"
"I've been searching for the daughter of the devil himself
I've been searching for an angel in white
I've been waiting for a woman who's a little of both
And I can feel her but she's nowhere in sight"
--Eagles, "One of These Nights"
"If we couldn't laugh we would all go insane"
--Jimmy Buffett, "Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes"
"I wanna know the danger of the kiss at midnight"
--Bon Jovi, "Ride Cowboy Ride"
"Then came the churches then came the schools
Then came the lawyers then came the rules"
--Dire Straits, "Telegraph Road"
"So you ride yourselves over the fields and
You make all your animal deals and
Your wise men don't know how it feels to be thick as a brick."
--Jethro Tull, "Thick as a Brick"
"Fear is the lock, and laughter the key, to your heart."
--Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young, "Judy Blue Eyes"
"I found out a long time ago what a woman can do to your soul;
But she can't take you anyway you don't already know how to go."
--Eagles, "Peaceful, Easy Feeling"
"I get this feeling I may know you as a lover and a friend.
This voice keeps whispering in my other ear,
Saying I may never see you again."
--Eagles, "Peaceful, Easy Feeling"
"You miss too much these days if you stop to think"
--U2, "Until the End of the World"
"This is my mistake; let me make it good."
--R.E.M., "World Leader Pretend"
"When you can fall for chains of silver you can fall for chains of gold
You can fall for pretty strangers and the promises they hold."
--Dire Straits, "Romeo and Juliet"
"I've been trying to get down to the heart of the matter,
And my will gets weak, and my thoughts seem to scatter,
But I think it's about forgiveness
Even if you don't love me anymore."
--Don Henley, "Heart of the Matter"
"Why were you so surprised that you never saw the stranger?
Did you ever let your lover see the stranger in yourself?"
--Billy Joel, "The Stranger"
"They say that Eve tempted Adam with an apple,
But man, I ain't goin' for that -
I know it was a pink Cadillac."
--Bruce Springsteen, "Pink Cadillac"
"We made a vow we'd always be friends.
How could we know that promises end?"
--Richard Feldman/Roger Linn, "Promises"
"I spent four years prostrate to the higher mind, got my paper
And I was free."
--Indigo Girls, "Closer to Fine"
"The darkness has a hunger that's insatiable,
And the lightness has a call that's hard to hear."
--Indigo Girls, "Closer to Fine"
"All march together, everybody looks the same,
So there is no one you can blame."
--Phil Ochs, "One More Parade"
"If Snake had not seduced our lot,
And primed us for salvation,
Jehovah could not pardon all
The sins that we call cardinal,
Involving bed and bottle."
--Dr. Pangloss, "The Best of All Possible Worlds", from Berntein's Candide
"Well, I'm runnin' down the road, tryin' to loosen my load,
I've got seven women on my mind.
Four that wanna own me, two that wanna stone me,
One says she's a friend of mine."
--Eagles, "Take it Easy"
"Growin' up leads to growin' old and then to dyin'.
And dyin' to me don't sound like all that much fun."
--John Cougar Mellencamp, "Authority Song"